Svartlamon is expanding to Mellomveien with a sister satellite!

Svartlamon is expanding to Mellomveien with a sister satellite!

In cooperation with Boligstiftelsen in Trondheim, we want to offer a safe and stable alternative to the rental market in Trondheim. This will be an innovative project where Svartlamon boligstiftelse will administer and rent out apartments in Mellomveien 17 and 19 in Lademoen, which are owned by Boligstiftelsen in Trondheim.

The buildings consist of 30 one-bedroom apartments (45 m2), eight family apartments (90 m2), and communal spaces in both buildings. The one-bedroom apartments will have a monthly rent of 6800 NOK, and the family apartments will have a monthly rent of 9700 NOK. Electricity and internet are not included in the rent. In front of and at the rear of the buildings there are outdoor areas that the residents are free to shape as they please. Boligstiftelsen in Trondheim have also given permission for the residents to paint both inside and outside, so that the buildings can catch the eye of people passing by, and be an appealing home for the residents.

We want to carry forward the “Svartlamon model”, with its emphasis on communal sharing, resident democracy, diversity, affordable rent and “do it yourself” principles. The residents collectively decide how they want their community to be, and shape the development of the housing project.

The Svartlamon model entails that each resident takes a greater responsibility for maintaining their own living space and communal areas than in other typical rental arrangements. By doing maintenance work together, and by applying each other’s resources and skills, the rent can be reduced to below average market prices. A requirement for the rent to be kept low, is that residents contribute their own effort, either through physical work, administration, voluntary assignments or social initiatives etc.

Be prepared that much more is expected from each resident than in an ordinary housing community. In addition to contributing to communal projects, we expect you to do internal maintenance of your own living space, and that any improvements are done at your own expense. With responsibility comes freedom; you are free to paint, lay new flooring, hang what you want on the walls, swap the kitchen fittings etc., as long as you do not reduce the standard of the apartment. We want you to create your own home! You can shape the space yourself in the family apartments by putting up interior walls to create functional rooms.

We are happy to be able to offer buildings with lifts, and we especially encourage people with physical disabilities to apply. We are confident that also you can be a resource to the community. The only criteria for applying to this project is that you for some reason or other are not able or do not wish to own your own residence, and that you have a wish to live, contribute to and take part in a community. We want a diversity of applicants, both regarding age, resources, interests and situation in life.

We are sadly unable to offer viewings. All of the flats have an identical layout, the family apartments consist of two one-bedroom apartments that are joined together. See the layout drawing and video.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, we encourage you to apply! The deadline is 16 April, and the moving-in date is 1 august.


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