BLUNK presents BERNHARDCORE – René Haustein and Phillipp Hönig

16. oktober 2015 - 18. oktober 2015  Ι  Kunst


OPENING 20:00 Friday 16th of October.
Saturday – Sunday 12:00-16:00

René Haustein
Philipp Höning
GALLERI BLUNK 16 – 18 October 2015

Obsessed by landscape, architecture and techno music, we found an audio document which scared the shit out of us.
It was H.P. Baxxter, the famous techno producer and head of the band «Scooter» reading Thomas Bernhard from Austria, perhaps the most misantropic author of all time.
So now we have to deal with this somehow.
We made a roadtrip to the north and tried to capture the strangest places we could get hold of to match this somehow, reading out the texts of bernhard and scooter side by side.