BLUNK presents Louise Öhman and Joel Danielsson

4. desember 2015 - 6. desember 2015  Ι  Kunst
Opening 20:00 friday 4th of December
Open sat – sun from 12:00 to 16:00
The metaxu is defined as the middle ground or the in-between and acts as
the mediator of the temporal and the infinite. It has its origin from ideas
of Platon, and has been used by the French mystic and philosopher
Simone Weil and the philosopher Eric Voegelin in the theory of
consciousness and illumination. Without the metaxu there is a chasm and
a separation of the worlds. By this there is a disruption of the
consciousness, which will bring either boredom or perplexity. The
deformed consciousness will split its poles into the hypostasis of this
world and the beyond. We are working around this concept of the loss
of the metaxu and its symptom: ‘the boredom’. In this separation there is,
as Voegelin explains, a need for mythological symbolic language as the
in-between of the temporal and the infinite.
We use the room as a transient field, a landscape of ever changing
structures. The installation is there as a spatial symbol of this interspace.
It dwells at the critical point where language ends. At the shore of the
transfinite, ever undulating, the matter becomes an articulation of the
wordless, the moan, sigh, ecstasy.