Galleri Blunk: «Josefine Flaig: It’s not a black and white thing»

3. mars 2017 - 5. mars 2017  Ι  Kunst

Opening friday at 20:00
Saturday–sunday 12:00-16:00

«What can we expect behind that door?
An imaginary room where the theory of black and white loses its known definition and meaning and where they open up for a new way to meet and merge.
Pieces like poems with enough space to read between the lines.
Questions which need to be asked.

The subject of black & white started to intrigue me as a result of questioning the idea and theory of black & white which surround us in language, society and everyday life. The issue followed me though my Master education and led to today’s research on the ability of merging different materials and layers and to discover their encounters. “(…) some questions are more significant than their answers, and such is the case with this one”(Solnit, Rebecca. A field guide to getting lost) and, therefore, I am not interested in giving a clear answer or image. In and with my artworks I am aiming to invite the viewer – invite to experience, think and question.»

Josefine Flaig is a German artist who lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Trier University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Arts in Crafts/ Textile Art from Gothenburg University (HDK).