Galleri Blunk presenterer Iris Brinkborg

4. september 2015 - 6. september 2015  Ι  Kunst



Iris Brinkborg studies her 3rd year bachelor on Bergen Academy of Fine arts.

I am on a meadow but all the plants are dead. The stars have lined up in rows that looks like braille but I can’t read it. There are six planets and moons that are really close to earth. They are also lined up. The snails have left their shells which are spread on the ground I am standing on. I walk and I find the snails laying in a pile. They are eating each other.

The exhibition consists of a collection of the objects that belongs to the dream world. The pieces are fragments of dreams that got dragged into the world of materials. These objects are in the dream loaded with strong feelings such as the fear of being left alone, the fear of being ridiculous and fear of the apocalypse. Maybe I have materialized what should not exist.



SAT-SUN 12:00 – 16:00