Ina Porselius i Galleri Blunk

3. april 2015 - 5. april 2015  Ι  Kunst
BLUNK presents Ina Porselius
Opening Friday at 20.00, 03.04.15
Sat-Sun 12:00 to 16:00
I work with portraits of my life and my surroundings. Relationships such as family, friendships are recurring themes. I portray my life by reconstructing situations from it. I want to include people by my autobiographical work, make them see into themselves and their lives through me.
In this project I’ve used a thirteen-year-old video material. The film is about memories and time. What do you choose to remember and what do you choose to forget? Do you have a choice? How does stories change when time passes? I’ve created a shared history from four different stories, a shared memory.

Åpning fredag 3. april 20.00-22.00
lørdag 12.00-16.00
søndag 12.00-16.00